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DOUBLE Tube- Camo

Designer: Phunkshun Wear

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Product Details

Phunkshun Wear has got your neck and face covered…or they will once you pick up their Double Layered Facemask. This Facemask will help keep that ‘oh I’m so cold’ feeling at bay by nestling close to your skin and retaining your core warmth. It not only protects you from the cold but also those pesky and super harmful ultra violet rays with a UPF+ 50 rating. The DWR Phabric feels nice and smooth against the skin and never gets that itchy feeling, even after hours of wear.


 This Facemask is made with a dual layer of Phunkshun Wear’s stretchy DWR Phabric and then mesh lined.


Phunkshun Wear Original Fit

Moisture Wicking



Double Layer (DL) - Water repellant due to a DWR application, this mesh lined mask is the ideal everyday companion

Every product Phunkshun makes blocks 99% of harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Breathable Water Repellency (BWR) - Achieved through a hydrophobic coating applied to the fabric

Moisture Wicking Performance (MWP) - Draws sweat off the skin to the outside of the fabric