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Owl Night Crew Socks

Designer: Sock it up

Owl Night, O/S, 85605'sku
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  • BOLD & BRILL: Welcome to the year of the boss. Whether you prefer to wear them in shirts, pants or blazers, the daring bosses are taking the world by storm. Socks aren't immune to pattern fever, and for good reason, colorful socks add a unique punch to any outfit, from dress suits to casual jeans.
  • Quality Construction: They're built to look good and built to last. High quality construction provides these socks with increased durability and flexibility during use. For you, this means an ideal pair of socks to wear all day, no matter what you have on hand. Foot on your feet working, formal events, even lounging around the house, socks are ideal for any occasion.
  • Comfort: ideal socks that provide infinite comfort and fit perfectly. Luckily, they have the most comfortable socks around. Made from luxurious combed cotton, these socks are super soft and light, allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool during intense activity. The slim elastic edge around the opening ensures that the sock sits flat against your feet, and prevents them from slipping.
  • Wash: Keep your socks looking their best for years. They can be washed by machine or by hand. Machine wash cold without bleach and hang to dry. Drying, ironing and dry cleaning are not recommended.

Product Description:

Sock It Up Socks are created using the finest materials,From cotton to Bamboo our socks are crafted to be soft, trendsetting and polished.