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Womens Crew - Shake It Up

Designer: Sock it up

Shake It Up, O/S
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  • Women's Shoe Size 5 to 10 ,One size fits most women
  • Prefer to wear them on shirts, pants, or blazers, bold patterns are taking the world by storm
  • Colorful socks add a unique punch to any outfit, from dressy suits to casual jeans
  • Feet working, formal events, even lounging around the house, Socks are great for any occasion
  • Ideal socks provide you endless comfort and fit just right. Luckily, they have the most comfortable socks around

Product Description:

Patterns are "in"- we like them on shirts and skirts, on scarves, tights, and jackets. Socks, however, are the next big thing to feature bright, vibrant colors and cool designs. Modernize your wardrobe with these Fashion Crew Socks! Made from premium combed cotton, these socks are incredibly soft, making them comfortable to wear day and night. Additional features include high-quality construction giving these socks the ability to stand up to heavy wear with extra durability and flexibility. The featured bold statement patterns are designed in-house, creating a look and a style you won't find anywhere else!