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Beverage Life Vest

Designer: Puffin Coolers, LLC

Vintage Orange, O/S
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  • Designed with two layers of thermal insulation the Beverage Flannel is perfect for any can or bottle.
  • The beverage flannel jacket keeps your drink's sweat off your hands, and your hand sweats off your drink while you work. 
  • Keep your beer cold while you’re chopping down beers! Just don't get fall-down drunk.
  • Dress your craft beer, pale ale, or logger in style!

Product Descriptions:

If you can’t keep a close eye on your cans that can’t swim. The double-insulated life vest has got you covered. Never lose a can to lakes, rivers, or oceans again. Designed to be your can's best friend, with two layers of thermal insulation to keep your can cold and hands dry. Take this lifesaver out with you on the water to keep the fun going off land!