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Womens Winter LS Skin Layer

Designer: Assos

Blackseries, II, 118999'sku
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  • Circular Seamless Technology : A tubular technology jersey, without side seams, able to give you a feeling of ultra softness and comfort on the body.
  • Raglan cut: Sleeves with a design without the traditional seam in the shoulder area, which continues to the neck for greater range of movement.
  • Composition: 91% polypropylene, 6% elastane, 3% carbon fiber.
  • Protected and offering total comfort from the first moment.
  • Skin and insulates the torso.

Product Description:

Winter poses a specific host of challenges not found in other climaCodes, namely in the form of added cold air and the added layers on your body. This is where our new Winter LS Skin Layer fills the gap, tuned with a thicker knit “weight,” taller collar, and more stretch than our Spring/Fall version for boosted insulation and flexibility under your outer apparel. It’s worth noting this Skin Layer is a total reset on our base layers of the past, wearing a completely revamped, female-specific design and using a new blend of fibers. The Winter LS is roughly 13% lighter than the previous Winter Skinfoil, relying on a Circular Seamless construction that’s free of irritating side seams. A winter-tuned blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns—plus elastane— are employed, which draws moisture away from your skin and insulates your core, keeping you dry, insulated, and comfortable from the outset.