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14ers Map 4 of 16: Sherman | Bross, Cameron, Democrat, Lincoln, Quandary

Designer: Outdoor Trail Maps LLC

Sherman, 6.5" x 3.8", 114237'sku
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14ers Series Topographic Hiking Map 4 of 16 covers Mount Sherman on the front side and Mount Bross, Mount Cameron, Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln and Quandary Peak on the back, including all hiking trails in the surrounding areas. This rugged trail map was designed for on-trail use in the toughest outdoor conditions and includes the following features: 

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant paper
  • Ultralight weight – under an ounce
  • Detailed 1:30,000 scale (1 inch ≈ ½ mile)
  • Distances for all trail segments
  • Compact folded size to fit in your pocket – only 3.8” wide by 6.5” tall
  • Convenient size and foldability for quick and easy on-trail review – 19” wide by 13” tall unfolded – no more fumbling with huge maps while on the go
  • All fourteener trailheads – not just the popular ones – with GPS coordinates
  • GPS coordinates for all key trail junctions
  • Route difficulty classes for each peak
  • UTM 1000 m grid along with latitude-longitude ticks
  • Easy-to-read and intuitive

The Map 4 front side shows access to Mount Sherman - the southernmost fourteener of the Mosquito Range - from both the west side via Iowa Gulch and east side via Four Mile Creek Road.

The back of 14ers Map 4 shows the lone fourteener of the Tenmile Range (Quandary Peak) and four of the five fourteeners of the Mosquito Range (Mount Bross, Mount Cameron, Mount Democrat and Mount Lincoln). This side includes the Kite Lake Trailhead and area trails including the Lake Emma Trail, the Windy Ridge area, the Crystal Lake Trail (at Hoosier Pass), Blue Lakes Trail and McCullough Gulch Trails in addition to the all of the fourteener trails (including Quandary Peak West Route). This is Map 4 of 16 14ers Maps covering all Colorado 14ers.

Please note: Some of the peaks and trails on this map are near or on private property - please review access restrictions before visiting and respect those restrictions while hiking.