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Clif Bar

Designer: CLIF BAR & CO

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  • Made with 70% organic ingredients
  • Good source of protein and dietary fiber
  • Simple and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy
  • No trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives
  • Compact and individually wrapped bars are easily packed

Product Description:

Satisfy your hunger and boost your stamina with the crunchy peanut butter Clif Energy Bar. Designed for athletes, adventurers and anyone who needs a convenient and nutritious snack, Clif Bars are made from ingredients that are 70% organic, including organic rolled oats, and provide simple and complex carbohydrates, 4g of dietary fiber, 11g of protein, as well as significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Each bar is individually wrapped and slips easily into your pack, pocket, or purse.