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Crag Denim Pants

Designer: Black Diamond

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  • BD Black Diamond Crag Denim Pants men's jeans are best designed to allow you to climb even with a pair of super stylish jeans.
  • These trousers were in fact designed to be able to wear the harness without hindrance and to guarantee maximum freedom of movement.
  • The fit is slim and remains close to the body. Thanks to the light fabric and temperature regulator you can easily wear them both in summer and in winter!

Product Description:

Climbing jeans have always been in fashion and the Crag Denim Pants will be no exception. They have Black Diamonds slim, tapered, V11 slim fit, which looks stylish but still has enough stretch to give you full freedom of movement when climbing. They also have a high level of durability thanks to the 10.5oz denim. The Crag Denim Pants are also harness compatible with low profile pockets and integrated brush pocket.