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Nutty Warrior Chocolate Sauce

Designer: Bella Salt & Sauce

72% Belgian Drk Choco, Small Jar
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The Nutty Warrior was created and named in honor of my young Friend, Sam Day. Sam battled against Ewing's Sarcoma - a rare pediatric cancer - for 6 years. He was a Warrior. He was strong and funny and wise and truthful and passionate. If you ever met Sam - you know what I'm talking about.

Sam loved coffee, dark chocolate and peanuts. (But because he lived in the Pacific Northwest, my interpretation here is Hazelnuts). Rumor has it he developed a wee taste for Scotch whilst touring Scotland with his Lovely Mum and meeting long lost relatives which may or may not have influenced him. 

Nutty Warrior Chocolate Sauce contains: 72% Belgian Dark Chocolate, heavy cream, toasted hazelnuts, espresso and a wee suggestion of Scotch. The peaty stuff.

Sam loved making s'mores. This would make a perfect s'mores. You should try it.

10% of all sales of Nutty Warrior go to The Sam Day Foundation, which funds research for rare pediatric cancer. Rare Pediatric Cancer SUCKS.